A global collection
of preeminent wines.

There is a moment when wine ceases to be a commodity and begins to reflect an idea, to produce emotion.

It is a spark lit early in the year and carefully cradled through the seasons. It roars through the alchemy of grape into wine; it slumbers in the underground. It comes to life in a vessel raised to our nose and lips.

Spire wines on a table with wine glasses

With origins on California’s classic northern coast, the Spire Collection today encompasses estates throughout the world. Napa Valley’s mountainside vineyards and great benchland terroirs summon Cardinale, Mt. Brave, La Jota, Lokoya and Galerie. Far-flung locales and distinct environments throughout Sonoma County produce Vérité, Cenyth, Anakota, Stonestreet, and WindRacer. From the north comes the cool-climate wines of Maggy Hawk in Anderson Valley, while farther up the Pacific coastline Zena Crown, Gran Moraine and Penner-Ash find home in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Château Lassègue, an estate in the birthplace of fine wine, embodies Bordeaux’s sophistication as grand cru Saint-Émilion. Near Siena in Tuscany, Arcanum resurrects a medieval estate for the modern wine world. Capensis makes its mark as South Africa’s preeminent white wine, while Hickinbotham, Yangarra and Giant Steps takes its place among Australia’s classic wines.

Each Spire Collection wine personifies a different meaning and a distinct emotion. Some are pure luxury—they are hedonistic, sensory experiences. Others are fashioned with rigid density, meant to unfold slowly in many years of quiet evolution.

The Spire Collection resides on the best restaurant lists and cellars in the world. While one wine is sipped in nearly reverent contemplation, another is enjoyed alongside the first joyous ray of light and blossom of spring. Each wine is a richly told tale—simultaneously a testament to its roots and a statement in and of itself.

The Spire Collection is the pinnacle of the Jackson Family Wines portfolio, representing four decades of investment in the vineyards, people, and places that craft these unforgettable wines.